Commission Status: CLOSED

Sketch: $40

Additional characters: $30
Background: $10
Complex/Busy background: $15

Line art: $60

Additional characters: $45
Background: N/A

Flat color: $75

Additional characters/side panel: $60
4 characters max
Nature background: $25 or less
Urban background: $45 or less

Cell shaded: $100

Additional characters/side panel: $75
4 characters max
Nature background: $25-50
Urban background: $50-80

Soft shaded: $120

Additional characters/side panel: $90
4 characters max
Nature background: $25-40
Urban background: $50-80

Painting: $200

Additional characters/side panel: $140
4 characters max
Includes a basic background
Complex background: $60

Artist Choice: $140

Artistic liberty over the piece but you may mention styles you enjoy, content matter you like, or describe your character's personality.
Additional character: $60
2 characters max
Includes a background


Cell shaded: $60
Soft shaded: $80
Painted: $120

Additional prices:

Alt version: $10-30 (may be higher or lower depending on complexity)
*Side panel: $60 (flats), $75 (cell shaded), $90 (soft shaded), $140 (painted)
**Props: $5-10
Wings: $5 (on cell shading, soft shading, and paintings)
Complex markings: $5
Armor: $25
*If an additional character's only appearance is in a side panel and the piece already includes a background, there is no extra charge for the side panel.**Charged separately only if there is no background, otherwise included the background's calculated cost.

Terms of Service

Before requesting a commission, it is required that you have read my terms of service.Aside from special openings on twitter and gallery sites, commissions taken through the forms are NOT first come, first serve.

Selection is based on:

  • Having a clear and understandable commission idea

  • Providing clear references or descriptions

  • Themes and content matter that fit my art style

  • Whether or not I can fit the piece into my workload

What I Will NOT Draw

  • Humanoid characters (paintings are fine)

  • Cub/Loli/Underage art

  • Excessive or sexualized gore

  • Non Consensual sex

  • Hateful art

  • Sonic characters in adult/fetish situations

  • My Little Pony characters in adult/fetish situations

Things I am not experienced with (subject to an extra fee)

  • Detailed urban landscapes

  • Machinery/Cars

Anything not listed is probably fine. Again, ask if you’re not sure!

Payment is taken upfront in USD through Paypal invoice. I will not begin work on the commission until full payment is received. If you need to hold off on the payment for whatever reason, please notify me in the form or by email and we can work something out. Failure to pay within a week will result in removal from the queue.
All commission progress will be made available on Trello. If you would like your WIPs to remain private, please let me know ahead of time.
After posing in the sketch is approved (if an initial sketch was requested), I will start inking/painting. You are allowed up to one sketch redo and 3 edits. Please be clear as possible what you would like changed. Edits after the piece is completed are free only if they are details I missed from the references or description provided. For anything else, you will be charged.If at any point you wish to cancel the piece, I will refund the value of the unfinished work. Pieces may be upgraded to the next tier at a later date. The initial cost is subtracted from the next tier’s estimated cost. A small upgrade fee of $2 will also be added to the cost to account for paypal’s fee.Please note: Position in the queue does not necessarily determine the order of completion. I work best when working on multiple pieces at once and can jump between them. The complexity of a piece may also play a part in when it will be completed. (Ex. A single character pose is likely to be completed faster than a sequence)
Commission completion ranges from a few days to 3 months.

  • By commissioning me, you agree that you are at least 18 years old.

  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel/refund a commission for any reason.

  • I reserve all rights to the images unless otherwise negotiated.

  • The completed image may or may not be uploaded to my gallery sites and may be removed without notice. You are responsible for saving a copy.

  • You agree to not write anything in the Paypal notes

  • You retain ownership/rights to your original characters/intellectual property depicted in the images.

  • You may repost the images to sites like Deviantart/Furaffinity/Tumblr, etc. with credit given to me and a link back to my gallery/page.

  • You agree to not crop out the artist signature/logo

  • You may not sell or reproduce the images in a commercial way (Ex. T-shirts, prints) unless otherwise negotiated.



Flat color

Cell shading

Soft shading


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Cell shading

Soft shading


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Holiday Stream 2022

Each December I host a (SFW) Holiday Stream. How it works is you nominate someone you feel could use a little holiday cheer this year (AKA free art!). The reason is optional (but usually helps!) and you and/or your reason can be kept anonymous if you choose. You can even choose to nominate yourself! There's no limit to the amount of people you can nominate. You or your nominee(s) do not need to attend the stream to win either, so no worries if you can't make it!

When: December 22nd, 1PM EST

Where: Twitch

Nominate here: form

Taking submissions until December 19th, 11:59PM EST.


The best and fastest way to reach me is by email at:


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